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This company was established to offer a specialized professional VIP security service and provides highly trained specialists who excel in Executive Close Personal Protection, Secure Transfers, Operational Room Management, Full Investigation Capabilities in all fields, Undercover agents, Security Management etc.

Although I – DOG was only established in 2008 all specialized personnel come from a Policing background and various specialized units within the Police. All personnel therefore have vast training in their fields consisting of Special Weapons and Tactics, Public Order and Crowd Control, Counter Insurgency Techniques, Detectives, Emergency Life Support, Advanced Driving, Crisis Hostage and Suicide Negotiation, Close Quarter Battle, Counter Assault Teams, VIP Guard Unit, Street Survival, Emergency Centre Operation and Management as well as numerous other relevant training. This is coupled to many years experience in an official capacity as well as unofficial.

VIP security support ranges from meet and greet, security escorts and vetted drivers to full protective details and vehicles that are available country wide as well security assessment and management.

VIP Protection

Our client list includes Company Executives, Celebrities, Politicians and persons that require protection of themselves, families or their property.

Among others personnel have been involved in official security assignments consisting of the safety and security of:

  • President Nelson Mandela, President Thabo Mbeki and numerous other Cabinet Ministers on various occasions at Gallager Estates, Voda World and political gatherings.
  • Madelaine Allbright, Secretary General of the USA. (Arrival ORT International Airport.)
  • Michael Jackson (Arrival and departure ORT International Airport.)
  • Bollywood Stars visit to S.A.
  • Safety and Security of all V.I.P. arrivals at ORT International for the inauguration of President Thabo Mbeki.

In the Corporate Environment personnel have been on assignments with companies like CIH Group, Hugh Masakela, VW SA, AKI Exports, Tyco, Navistar International, to name a few.

I– DOG as a company name because I, the Operator, have always executed the mission and not sat back in the boardroom and taken credit therefore. I, as in eye and watchdog because we will be the ones looking after your security needs. I-DOG will act as your security department or consultant releasing you from everyday security difficulties thus allowing you more time to spend on your business. We will advise you on the service you require, you as the client will decide on the protection or service you want. Each case is individually analysed according to the circumstances and our Security Teams are trained to provide advance security analysis and total threat assessment for an accurate operational plan.

We look forward to hearing from you and assure you of our best attention at all times.

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