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EWB Private Investigator Services specialises in Corporate Investigations, Fraud Investigation, Adoption Cases, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Farm Attacks, Murder Cases and so much more.

Our private investigator services ensure discretion and the use of up-to-date technology to gather all the information that you are looking for, while maintaining your privacy and obtaining results in a highly professional manner.

Our team are passionate, willing to seek information, have excellent observation skills and the ability to think quickly on their feet. We take great pride in our remarkable results in the shortest possible time frame.

Although the services we provide may differ depending on the case or industry in which you are looking for information, we are the team to find what you are looking for.

We strongly believe that our Private Investigator Services can cater to any situation and circumstance that you need our services. Contact us today.

Read more below for our list of private investigator services:

Corporate Investigations



Are some of your employees doing business behind your back?

Is there money disappearing out of your business?

Have you lost important contacts due to unexplained reasons?

You might need a proper investigation. Call one of our investigators.

Fraud Investigation


fraud investigation

Everyone has the power to protect their business against crime and dishonesty and to protect the profitability and viability of the company. Our investigators are able to provide you with background information on companies you plan on doing business with in the future.

Polygraph Testing



Polygraph testing is used as an investigative tool in the event that dishonesty arises, to identify those innocent persons who may be implicated and to identify those who may be involved. That assists in shortening the investigative process, saving time, money and man power.



Our investigators will help you uncover the lack of integrity of honesty ( especially susceptibility to bribery) or use a position of trust for dishonest gain.

Skeleton Search


Suspicious employee / Partener / Business associate?
Our under cover investigators will do a proper skeleton search so you can be at ease with whom you are dealing with

Cold Cases



Has a relative of yours disappeared / Did someone close to you die many years ago? No success from the police / Authorities?

Our investigators can help! We specialise in Cold Cases

Murder Cases



Authorities taking to long? You need faster results? Our trained investigators work together with the authorities on a mandate from you to help solve the case

Computer Forensics


Suspect your partner of cheating and deleting all their emails to cover it up? Or have you lost important documentation on your computer you wish to retrieve? We will gather lost information on your laptop or pc. We can obtain deleted or lost email files

Cell phone Forensics


Our investigators are able to retrieve all deleted and sent sms's and inclusive voice and video files.

IT Security Audits


A systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization's security policy is employed at a specific site

Computer security auditors work with the full knowledge of the organization, at times with considerable inside information in order to understand the resources being audited.

Adoption Cases


Has your mother given you up for adoption? Would you like to trace your birth parents? Do you want to trace your family?
This can be done in less than 4 weeks!

Debt Tracing


Our trained investigators will help you trace the debtor and refer you to an excellent attorney to handle the summons. Our investigators are responsible for the tracing of over R12.5 Million per Month.

Referral Check


Need to check creditations? Need to check your Nanny, Baysitter, or employee? Our investigators are trained to do thorough background research on people of all genre. You can have confidence that our investigators will not be found out.

Academic Record Verification


Help you to verify all acclaimed academic records presented by employees.

Title Deed Searches


Need to know who owns a specific property? Our investigators can help you in 20 minutes.

Company Searches


Need to know who owns which Company? Our investigators are able to provide you with the results of all the directors of a company or members of a CC

Cheating Spouses Investigations



How to identify if your spouse / partner is
cheating on you.

1. Suspicious cellphone behaviour – perhaps
your partner has been hiding their cellphone,
or quickly ducking into another room to
take calls? Sending or receiving text messages
last thing before they go to bed / first thing
when they wake up.

2. Smelling of another persons perfume or
cologne. Noticed this? Or has your partner
started doing laundry at strange hours, or
your partner offers to do the washing?

3. Popping out at strange hours. Perhaps
working late nights when they didn’t used to?
Or going to see some friend you have never
heard of? Or quickly going to the shop for cigarettes/milk when there is no need?

4. Their internet history constantly being
deleted and suspicious behavior when checking emails.

Contact our investigators should you require additional information.

Match Fixing Investigations


During the 2010 world cup, our investigators were involved in the prevention of match fixing. In total our investigators have recovered over R3 Million in Match fixing in various sports

Sweeping & Debugging of offices



Ever had the feeling of being watched in your own home, car or even at work? Our private investigators will help you to sweep and debug your house, your car, your office, your pcs and telephones and even your mobile.

Freight Surveillance


Advanced protection for valuable cargo, cctv and satellite tracking available.

Let our spy investigators make sure your cargo is not mishandled or hi jacked , Have an advantage over criminals.

Farm Attacks



Are you an owner of a farm or small holding, and have recently found that your fields have be sabotaged or you are missing crops? Our investigators are able to aid you in tracking down the culprits.

Divorce Cases

Divorce can be extremely difficult…..without any added complications. Imagine how much more complicated things can be when there is a third party involved.
The dynamics of an affair are not simple. Very often, both parties, shall we call them “the cheator” and “the cheatee” very often feel as if they are the victim in the situation.

The cheatee feels victimized, as they have been abandoned and betrayed.

The cheator feels victimized because they feel that their spouse has placed them in this situation. They feel that if their marriage was not in a state of disconnect, they would not have been “forced” to get their needs met elsewhere.

Please note, that by explaining the view of both parties, I am in no way condoning the act of adultery.

For the cheator, an affair provides them with a respite from their marital disharmony or disconnect. This often has an effect of making this person less sensitive to the spouse that they are leaving. Because they already have a “place to go”, so to speak, they are often not present in the high emotion of the divorce situation. As a result, they may appear insensitive, impatient and intolerant of the displays of emotion of their spouse that they are leaving. One man I know used to berate his soon-to-be-ex for crying when she saw him. He would tell her that she was “sliding down a slippery slope” and that she should stop crying and move on with her life…..three weeks after he left her suddenly.

Another woman became aggressive towards her husband when he told people in the community of her affair. Instead of taking responsibility for her behaviour, she became incensed when her shenanigans became public knowledge.

Some spouses feel so guilty for their affair that they land up over-compensating in a divorce agreement. Unfortunately for the spouse that has been left behind, this is of little consolation.

The issues that the cheatee has to deal with are many. Not only are they dealing with the loss of their marriage, but they are dealing with betrayal, rejection and abandonment at the deepest level. Their pain feels even more despairing as this is juxtaposed with their errant spouse’s elation with their affair partner.

EWB Private Investigations can assist in helping with the various divorce difficulties.

How to tell children that you're getting a divorce?

We all know divorce can take it's toll on our children and sometimes we'd rather wait until things are finalized before we tell our children that their parents won't be together anymore.

EWB Private Investigations decided to create a small guide to make it easier to tell your children that you're getting a divorce.

View the guide HERE

Should you require any further assistance regarding our services, please feel free to contact us here.