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EWB Private Investigations’ Company Profile

EWB Private Investigations was established in 1999 to offer specialized and professional investigative services to corporate companies – especially focusing on internal fraud and corruption.

In 2000 We expanded his investigative services into the private sector, offering exceptional help and assistance to the public with regards to all matrimonial cases, cold cases, murder cases, all types of tracing, debt collection and also the very rewarding – adoption traces.

All personnel and agents of EWB Private Investigators come from either a policing background or a specialized service background.

In 2007 EWB Private Investigators established counselling services, offered to our various clients in the event of a traumatic experience i.e. death of a family member, failed marriage, or the reunion of a child / person with their biological parents.

EWB Private Investigators also offers Executive Protection Services through our partners at I-DOG, South Africa.

I-DOG was established to offer specialized, professional security services specifically for close personal protection and secure transfers. All personnel at I-DOG are from specialized units and within the Police.

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EWB’s Affiliation

 Here at EWB Private Investigators, we only use the best of the best when it comes to services required, which is why we are proud to affiliate our business with Crime Scene Cleanup.

Crime Scene Clean-up is the leading brand in their field. CSC focus on the cleaning and management of a particular area after a traumatic or violent incident. The Mission of their specialized teams is to ease the trauma caused by unwanted elements in our daily society. Our task is to handle each site with a gentle understanding and humane touch. We specialize in the clean up of any crime or trauma scene, for example: – Burglary, – Accidents, – Accidental Death, – Suicide, – Homicide, – Or any related incidents in and around the home, workplace, motor vehicles or grounds. Our Specialized teams commences with the ‘clean up’ exercise once the South African Police Services concluded their investigation.

You can visit them at www.crimescenecleanup.co.za